Apple Mac Repairs in Hackney,Covering E8, E9, E2, E5, E3, N1 & N16.
We Support Individuals, Companies & Schools.
Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mini, Air, iPhone, iPad...anything with an Apple on it!!

Hi there!

We're based in East London and have been working on Apple Macs for 15 years, doing all sorts of Repairs and upgrades.

No repair is too large or too small and we do not charge for full diagnosis and quotations. So if you decide you don't wish to go ahead with the work it won't cost you a penny.

We also have a call out service. Many repairs and upgrades can be done straight away while you wait and because we work so quickly our prices are far lower than other Computer Repair shops.

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Did you know...?

So many computers get thrown away unnecessarily.

After a few years they begin to slow down and most people assume that computers just get tired...


All that happens is that dust and dirt builds up on the inside and prevent it from doing it's job properly.

Also, the operating systems get corrupted over time and this stops your Mac from being able to think quickly.

But with a full Service from Me,  I can have your old machine running as if it was new again and lessen the chances of bigger problems arising in time.

Paul Davis, Engineer.
Worked with and loved Macs for 15 years. Knows them inside and out.

Annie Parkinson, Assistant.
Knows bugger-all about Macs but is helpful, friendly and will look after you.




LuvApple has expanded and become The MacSmiths of Hackney Ltd.
We have opened a new store, please come and visit us at
The MacSmiths
489 Hackney Rd, E2 9ED

Just 50 meters from Cambridge Heath Rd Station.
020 7739 6633